Well, it’s official! Grosse Pointe is a “bike friendly community”! In partnership with Wayne County Parks and Recreation, the five Grosse Pointe cities, and the Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce, Live Well in Grosse Pointe (LWGP), a Chamber healthy lifestyle initiative, has secured funding for Phase One of making Grosse Pointe a bike friendly community. “Share the Road” signs and more bike racks to be installed throughout the community. LWGP will also sponsor Rules of the Road: Friendly biking in GP! The core information will be presented in a community seminar and provide on Chamber/LWGP website. The information will cover safe biking for families and kids, casual riders, expert riders, and public safety officials. All community residents will be invited to a ribbon cutting and seminar. Phase Two, planned as additional funding becomes available, will add additional directional signage to community destinations for bikers and address striping bike lanes on Grosse Pointe streets wherever possible. Other issues to be addressed as the program progresses will make use of information contained in an engineering study done for Phase One. The study calls for traffic light timing changes for safe pedestrian crossing and the best use of Lakeshore Drive for biking.