When May arrives, it’s time for our annual week of May Ford House Bird Walks. This is generally a time we see peak numbers and varieties of bird species throughout the estate, including spring migrants like Orioles, Warblers, and Tanagers. Join Rosann Kovalcik (owner of WBU GPW) and friends on an outdoor adventure filled with beautiful landscapes and exciting bird sightings. Over the course of our Ford House bird walks, 195 species of birds have been seen on the grounds. Registration is $7 per person and can be completed simply by clicking this link: https://grossepointewoods.wbu.com/content/show/131997. Recommended gear includes waterproof footwear, weather-appropriate clothing, and binoculars (though we do provide loaner pairs to those without optics). Follow us on our Facebook page at facebook.com/wbugrossepointewoods/. We look forward to birding with you!