Neighborhood Club

Mind . Body . Belly Prenatal Yoga

17150 Waterloo

Grosse Pointe





Neighborhood Club Recreation and Wellness Center, Fitness Studio


Fees: $70/person for 6 classes

Register at by Sept. 10.


Min. 4 participants required. Max 25 participants.Mind . Body . Belly is a six-session yoga class specially tailored for pregnant women.  As an expectant mom, you may benefit from this class by reducing your back pain, swelling and fatigue while strengthening your body and discovering a more focused, calm mind.


This class includes warm-up exercises, breath regulations, stretches, meditation and relaxation. Our instructor is a certified yoga instructor. This class is recommended for women at any stage of pregnancy.


To participate you must have your obstetrician sign the medical clearance form and you must complete a waiver form, available at Bring the completed documents to the first session and give them to the instructor for our records.  Yoga mat required. Blanket or towel preferred.

Start Date/Time: Friday, Sept. 13  6:45 pm End Date/Time: Friday, Oct. 18  7:45 am


Phone: 313-885-4600

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