The Grosse Pointe Chamber of Commerce is throwing a bone to commission artists to embellish a statue of a life-size man’s best friend that will be displayed throughout the Pointes during the summer of 2018.

Submit your rendering using the provided template including your contact information. More than one design may be submitted.

Upon receipt of your submission(s), designs will be compiled into a dog lover’s portfolio. Sponsors will preview the renderings and select their artist from the litter. Artists whose designs have been selected will receive detailed instructions regarding the pick-up and delivery of the dog sculptures. A stipend will be provided to off-set the cost of materials. 50% of the stipend will be disbursed when the dog is picked up from the kick-off party and the remaining 50% will be disbursed when the completed dog is delivered for display on June 18, 2018.

The dogs will be sitting outdoors for three months, fully accessible to the public beginning in late June. Artists should consider the weather and other elements, including sun, rain, wind, dirt, people and of course, other furry friends who will be touching, hugging and kissing the pooches.

Artists will be responsible for maintaining their dog throughout the time it is displayed in the community.

Entry Deadline is March 27, 2018

Two dog forms will be created by Display Group located in Detroit. The larger dog weighs approximately 60lbs. and the small dog weighs approximately 20lbs. The dogs will arrive with a rough factory priming on them. Detailed tips on prep and finished will be provided to artists whose designs are selected for completion. See right for drawing and dimensions.

Dogs are available in two sizes – the 4 ft. Watch dog and the 18 in. lap dog



  • Dog project announced publicly


  • Call for artists
  • Call for sponsors


  • Entry deadline


  • Match sponsors with artists

May 10th

  • Kick-off party at display group for artists & sponsors
  • Artist pick up dog sculptures

June 18

  • Completed dogs delivered to Edsel & Eleanor Ford House

June 20

  • Preview party

June 23

  • Disperse dogs throughout the community

October 3rd

  • Dog Days of Summer Dog Auction